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At some stage in a building’s life the brick mortar will show signs of age and wear, and will gradually become recessed in particular on walls that face the brunt of the weather. The mortar usually becomes softer and more porous, that allows water penetration which can cause significant and varying damage and will require the task of renewing the outer portion of the mortar joint, known as repointing.


After being repointed, your house should not only benefit from a new overall look but should maximise your overall investment.


The job is labour intensive, messy and not one that is enjoyed by many builders; hence the sometimes outrageous charges they quote.


At Paul Smith Pointing, we are specialists in repointing and as such our team are prepared for all aspects of the job. Our work is of an excellent quality and we try to ensure that we cause as little disruption as possible with minimal mess and inconvenience to your property and neighbouring properties. when on-site and we ensure that we clean up following completion of any work.


If your house requires repointing, then contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

Please also check our Chekatrade reviews, you will find we have a 100% record for charging what we estimated, and an excellent overall review score.


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